Japanse release November 16th

Tim in Tokyo with Toshi Kanazawa & Mikiya Tanaka of P-Vine Records

In Tokyo with Toshi & Mikiya of P-Vine Records

The Japanese edition of my album ‘Never trust a man in a fur coat’ will be released November 16th on P-Vine Records. This release has a new sleeve and a different order of tracks, containing a Japanese only bonustrack: ‘Hold me back’. Last week, Tim was in Japan to meet Toshi Kanazawa and Mikiya Tanaka, representing P-Vine Records.

You can order the Japanese release at Tower Records, HMV and Amazon.


  1. Introduction Easy evil
  2. Love is the ruler
  3. Real good love
  4. Break the chain
  5. Gypsy
  6. Mirror
  7. Reaching for the sky
  8. Mister therapy man
  9. Making love is good for you
  10. Stranger’s tears
  11. Say goodbye
  12. Hold me back (*bonustrack)

Japanese video:

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