Japan tour January 2018

I will do a few shows in Japan in January 2018, together with Mimlus Naito Akiko & solo. Get your tickets now! (update: solo tourdate Osaka added!)

1/26(Fri) Tokyo Nakameguro FJ’s
open 19:00
start 19:30
charge adv. 3,000yen / doors 3,500yen +1Drink Order

1/27(Sat) Nagoya Tataraba
open 18:00
start 18:30
charge adv. 2,000yen / doors 2,500yen +1Drink Order

1/28(Sun) Gumma Tatebayashi Nishino-hola
open 17:00
start 18:00
charge adv. 2,500yen / doors 3,000yen +1Drink Order

Get Tickets for shows above >> www.naitoakiko.com/live

1/31(Wed) Osaka Guittone
open 18:00
start 19:00
charge adv. 3000yen + 2 tickets (include 1000yen drink or food)

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