Japan tour

The Japanese tour has ended! Great to play for you in Tokyo, Nagoya, Gumma and Osaka and meet you afterwards. Watch the aftermovie & listen to the interview at InterFM897.

Interview InterFM897 Tokyo:


Setlist Japan tour:

  1. Hold on
  2. Making love is good for you
  3. Love is the ruler
  4. Is it a crime?
  5. Monkey see, monkey do
  6. Mirror
  7. Everything must change
  8. Who is fooling who
  9. Ordinary man
  10. Another lullaby
  11. Reaching for the sky
  12. Say goodbye
  13. Slaap kindje slaap (together with Mimlus Naito Akiko)
  14. Here by your side (together with Mimlus Naito Akiko)

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