A few quotes from Dutch and Belgian press:

  •  “A wonderful record.” ( / DUIC)
  • “Strong showpiece with a unmistakeble and irresistible flow and many sparkling highlights.” (Friesch Dagblad)
  • “Tim Treffers takes us back to the seventies without getting dusty and old-fashioned.” (Gooi & Eemlander)
  • “Tim Treffers has this interesting international sound we all were waiting for.” (Krenten uit de pop)
  • “His album is a musical high flyer and the proof Dutch people can deliver very good music too.” (Muziekwereld)
  • “Tim Treffers is a man with taste and delivers the finest jazz, soul and funk.” (Muziekweb / Bibliotheken Nederland)
  • “Pleasant mixture of Steely Dan and Wouter Hamel.” (De Gelderlander)
  • “Attractive music that sounds commercial, yet holds artistic integrity.” (Your Music Blog)
  • “High quality debut that deserves a follow up-album as soon as possible.”  (Rootstime, Belgium)

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